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or even Get One for Free

This is an easy to use guide on BUYING the Mobile Home you are going to live in. 

It takes you by the hand and shows the six easy steps to finding your GOOD DEAL.

It uses the M-O-B-I-L-E method – First you M-INE for a good deal in the places where they abound, then you figure your O-FFER based upon what it is worth, then  write an agreement to B-UY it under terms that will protect you, then when your agreement is accepted, you will learn how to I-NSPECT your mobile home to make sure there are no hidden surprises. You will learn how to set up a great L-OAN, especially using seller financing and no money down techniques, and then if everything is okay, you will close and E-NJOY your home.

There are 150 pages of easy to understand strategies, and 6 simple forms to help you with each step.


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Investing In Individual Mobile Homes

A Definitive Guide to the Investors’ Hidden Teasure – Mobile Homes 

Contains the "4 Basic Profit Strategies" with Real-life Examples

Along with the 5 Green F’s of Getting the Deal Right 

Almost 400 pages that cover every step of the Investment Process 

Including 15 places to find the Best Deals 

Ends with a Roadmap to Making $100,000 extra per Year

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Finally – a book with the real nuts and bolts about how to invest – Steve Streetman

If you want to see a book that gives real, practical avice on how to invest: finding and evaluating good deals, checking out the property, getting it financed and managing it, buy this one.

This is easy to follow and it lays out one of the clearest and most complete paths to investing I've seen anywhere. I read it quickly, but will also use it as a reference. If you plan to invest in mobile homes, any one of about fifty tips in this book is going to save yo way more than the book's cost. I wish there was a book like this for every real estate investing sector.

  This is an AWESOME BOOK! – Wade Alderson

This book has everything but the kitchen sink! I have been to two seminars costing over $350 each and they didn't cover half the stuff this book does. The home work he gives you at the end of every chapter goes a long way in getting started. I read the book cover to cover the first time. Then I went chapter by chapter doing the home work the second. By the time I was done with the book the second time (5 months ago), I had everything in place and have been purchasing one mobile home a month ever since with grea success, with a positive cash after expeneses of $1,500 a month so far, and I plan to keep going.

I LOVE THIS BOOK! Independently create your own income. – Droptuned

This book gives you complete confidence and excitement when you read it to start your own mobile home business. I start my day with a cup of coffee and real and reread this book. Zalman Velvel wrote it so it's easily understood, shows you exactly what your should be doing each day to become financially independent. Do you wanna start your mobile home business the right way? Then please do yourself a favor and get this book!

Excellent Book! (or shall I say Investment) – SMR

This book covers each topic thoroughly down to boxed and highlighted equations, where necessary. The book contains 3 key sections: Profit Strategies, the five Green F's that tell you how to actually execute each deal, and the basic prinicples of wealth. Another HUGE perk is that this book contains many example forms at the end from contracts, Leases, FSBO call sheets, inspection sheets. etc. For less than $20, this book is an enormous value. Not only does it motivate you, but the topics are so clear, it almost takes away any fear you might have about starting in investing. Lastly, the author speaks in a clear, simple and easy to understand voice that is quite humorous at some points.

As you can tell, I can't say enought about how awesome this book is.

Great Book – B. Perry

Most of the book can be applied to any area of real estate investing, not just mobile home. There are also some very interesting strategies tailored to just mobile homes. Saw author in person at a local investment club. He was really fantastic.



Investing in Mobile Home Parks 

A definitive guide to tremendous cash flow – "Mobile Home Parks"

Shows 5 ways to make $1,000,000 on ONE DEAL!

600 Pages covering every step of the Investment Process

Including 12 places to find the BEST DEALS

Ends with a roadmap to making $100,000 CASH FLOW PER YEAR …

And Increasing Your Net Worth By 1 Million Dollars …

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by Zalman Velvel | Dedication

New book just out with 18 of Zalman’s stories. How often do you read a Funny story that makes you laugh out loud, or an Inspirational story wipe tears from your eyes? Zalman’s funny and inspirational stories have been published around the world and won awards You will know the characters, some of whom might even be you Here, for the first time, is a volume of his most poignant work! Read … enjoy … and become inspired.

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:):):):) Yussie – Posted by John, Victoria, Canada

This story brought tears to my eyes. I feel as though I know Yussie, and have shared his pain. God Bless him, God bless everyone who feels as though his life is too hard.

:):):):) Yussie and Rabbi Levi – Posted by Peggy Knight, Pascagoula

This story was so incredible, sad, yet so inspiring. Yussie and the Rabbi both learned valuable lessons from one another. I cried when I read this, yet in the ending of the story, I was rejoicing in my heart for Yussie and the Rabbi. They both ended up winners and very blessed on both ends.

:):):):) This was my dessert – Posted by Chava, Brooklyn, N.Y.

Refreshing, sweet, and a gulp I'll always remember.

:):):):) Yussie's Yom Kippur Prayer – Posted by Jean, Cape Town, RSA

Thank you for sharing this beautiful story with us. Pleased I decided to go on the website.

:):):):)I Can't Say Goodbye, Yussie – Posted by Ed K., Escondido, CA USA

A moving and beautiful story that had much meaning for me. I shall read it again and again.



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