Wednesday, January 17th, 2018

Book Zalman Velvel To Speak

Zalman is currently on a nationwide book tour for his book, "King of Shabbos."

He has two 1 hour Powerpoint presentations that he gives. The first is titled, "Faith, Who Needs It?" about the search for faith. He has given this presentation at synagogues in Los Angeles, Atlanta, Portland, Houston, Fort Myers, Punta Gorda, and Venice, to name a few cities.

He will be in the following places in the upcoming months;

  • Salt Lake City  – Sunday, October 18
  • Philadelphia      -  Sunday, October 25
  • Boston             – Sunday, November 15
  • Denver             – Sunday, November 22

Zalman is also speaking at Colleges and Universities around the country on a second presentation, "Proud to be Jewish," which is aimed at students in the 18 – 25 range who want to understand our Traditions, and be proud of the improvements the Jewish people have made in the world, and continue to make.

If you would like to book Zalman for speaking engagements, please call toll free: (866) 799-1234 or send him an email. You can also click on the many speeches below for a sample of his work, many of which have been published around the world because of their humor, entertainment value, and also the underlying themes, which strike a chord in the hearts of people everywhere. You can also  read an interview with Zalman Velvel.

Presentation Topics

  1. What Is A Jew?
  2. Z, My Name is Zalman
  3. I Love Being Jewish!
  4. The K.A.T.’s : Kosher Aptitude Test
  5. Shabbos Homework
  6. Fraylich Yenkel
  7. Shana Tova
  8. It’s Easy Being a Rabbi
  9. Are The Jews Happy Here?

If you have any questions regarding these presentations or if you have
a question for Zalman, please call toll free: (866) 799-1234.

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