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Read what other readers had to say about the stories here:

:):):):) Yussie -  Posted by John, Victoria, Canada

This story brought tears to my eyes. I feel as though I know Yussie, and have shared his pain. God Bless him, God bless everyone who feels as though his life is too hard.

:):):):)  Yussie and Rabbi Levi – Posted by Peggy Knight, Pascagoula

This story was so incredible, sad, yet so inspiring. Yussie and the Rabbi both learned valuable lessons from one another. I cried when I read this, yet in the ending of the story, I was rejoicing in my heart for Yussie and the Rabbi. They both ended up winners and very blessed on both ends.

 :):):):) This was my dessert – Posted by Chava, Brooklyn, N.Y.

Refreshing, sweet, and a gulp I'll always remember.

:):):):) Yussie's Yom Kippur Prayer – Posted by Jean, Cape Town, RSA

Thank you for sharing this beautiful story with us. Pleased I decided to go on the website.

:):):):)I Can't Say Goodbye, Yussie – Posted by Ed K., Escondido, CA USA

A moving and beautiful story that had much meaning for me. I shall read it again and again.

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