Sunday, December 17th, 2017

Kabbalah Kronicles 27 – How To Make Humble Pie By Uncle Zally / Zalman Velvel _____________________________________   I am here in the Holy Land, the air invigorating my brain once again, and the Day of Atonement starts in two hours.     I’m looking at my face in the picture next to this writing, and [...]

Kabbalah Kronicles 26 – Eating Humble Pie By Uncle Zally / Zalman Velvel ____________________________________   Last week I showed you how to attain the ultimate prize here on earth, for God to love you with all His Heart.   How?   By being humble. In fact, it would be even better if you were exceedingly [...]

Kabbalah Kronicles 25 – How to Get God to                                          Fall in Love with You By Uncle Zally / Zalman Velvel ______________________________________   How’s that for a catchy title?   Kabbalah has taught us about what God wants from us: to love Him with all our hearts, and to follow the laws He laid down [...]

The Kabbalah Kronicles 20 –  Mr. Know-It-All By Uncle Zally, Zalman Velvel _____________________________________   When you are a writer, and you cherish the Word, if you are blessed, a Reader comes along that cherishes your Words.   When your writing is going well, and the results are fruitful, sometimes you take your Reader for granted, [...]

Kabbalah Kronicles 19- The Kabbalah of Love   By Uncle Zally, Zalman Velvel ___________________________________________   It’s Shabbos morning, another Kabbalah Klass.   This is a very eclectic group, the most eclectic so far. My friend, the world famous speaker, is in  Chicago, selling people on the idea of investing in real estate – after we’ve [...]

Kabbalah Kronicles 18 – A $300 Kabbalah Lesson By Uncle Zally / Zalman Velvel _______________________________________________   Am I the only person who prays with his dog?   Probably not.   In this crazy world of 7 billion people, there are probably some who pray with a whole pack of dogs, maybe even wolves, surrounding them. [...]