Wednesday, January 17th, 2018

Zalman Velvel is also an Award Winning Playwright and Novelist

Zalman Velvel has also won awards for his theatrical work, having written more than 10 plays, many of which have been performed around the world. A sampling of his plays are:


  • Never 2 Late – new comedy coming in Feb, 2012
  • Yankee & Abraham
  • Millenium
  • Moshie’s Candystore
  • 2nd Book of Ruth
  • Huddle House Secrets
  • Can’t Teach Big
  • Honeymoon in Hell
  • Pickett Creek
  • The Unemployment Line
  • 2nd Book of Ruth

He also has 3 full length novels awaiting publication.


  • Willy & Billy
  • New York Johnny
  • Gamzu

If you are interested in producing his plays and/or novels, please  contact his office with your contact information and a representative from Zalman Velvel, Inc. will contact you. In advance, thank you for your interest.

You can learn more about Zalman by reading this interview.

Zalman also is story writer and a speaker. He has written more than 100 stories about returning to faith, and more than 60 secular stories without religious themes. Many of his stories have won awards and been published in books and magazines around the world. You can also check out his stories on this site along with speaking presentations he can give to your audience.

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